Saturday, March 7, 2009

Poem -- Happy Holi

The spring sun warms as it surely thaws
The thinning white blanketing Mother Earth
As the last snow melts the days get longer
Heralding the end of chilling winter’s stay
It’s the month of Phagun now it’s Holi
The long awaited Festival of Colour

Wake up dormant buds and sleeping seeds!
Burst forth in garbs a kaleidoscope of colour!
Holi’s rainbow’d sparkles a burst of splendour
With spectrum shades red and every hue
Setting ablaze hearts happy with skies azure

Life abounds in the landscape verdant
The chirping birds and the humming bees
Cavorting and conjoining for mating call
The fleeting exuberance of cycle eternal
Decorated Basant kites dotting the sky

Those of us who in cold climes reside
Must content with festivities indoors
In our hearts of hearts we also celebrate
For Holi’s festive warmth is here also
So as revellers play in open maidans
Let’s get the pitchkari, abrack and abeer

Yes, the days of Phagwa are here to make
Outdoors or indoors where you may be
In Holi’s uninhibited revelry let’s partake
Of unbridled joy seasoned with delight
Enchanted and exuberant it acts like tonic
Refreshes the body with fun and frolic

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