Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Love is like a lightning

Dark and stormy was the night,
Searching everywhere-not a soul in sight.
Running amok was a chill wind,
Stripping leaves from trees till their rind.

Thousand demons, I feared, there exist,
Fight as much, they continued to persist.
Churning thoughts in my mind like a mill,
I wandered alone-struggling to hold still.

Then it came-I never thought it would,
Scything through the darkness like only it could.
Tons of energy burnt through the sky a path,
I saw everywhere at once-to search for my path.

Lighting a scene that was scenic and scary,
Wild, but wonderful-wished I had a fairy.
Bathed in silver were the things around me,
The play of white on black scared poor me.

Everything beautiful - each a different hue of white,
Darkness under it only added to the sight!
Embroiled in troubles I still stood and gazed,
Taking in beauty and fear, I was dazed.

No sooner I saw it all, the curtains were down,
An act was played and I was left forlorn.
It was so fast, it's surely imagination kind,
It's no real night, it was all in my mind!

Flash!! It's gone…! Everything I saw…
Love's like ways-it won't wait to thaw!
Frozen -you feel, it's right in your hands,
The heart jumps out, but you don't know where it lands.

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