Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Starry glamour, fiery debates,
about history of my country,
outdated suggestion boxes,
fixed objectives, ultimately,
youngsters work towards it,
and in the end,
on the seats of power,
we notice several grey-haired,
men, who wage a war,
against God, demanding that,
they want to stay on,
the blue pearl of life,
a little longer,
so that my country,
can move on the development scale,
a little farther or not move at all,
So that they can enjoy,
their life a little more,
rolling over the balls of,
fate of the youngsters,
like couple of elephants,
that entertain the audience,
who keenly wait with their,
cameras, to embellish the tricks,
tactics, through banners of words
that spread themselves across the,
papers, meanwhile, the disinterested,
parrots that lie fast asleep,
in their cages will soon enough ask,
'is there any end to human greed? '

nithya raghavan

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