Friday, February 27, 2009

Recession What Recession

Without the wherewithal to buy
I go without the food I need
whilst richer people overfeed.
I’m free to starve in poverty.

I must rely on charity,
does nothing for my self esteem.
Never in my wildest dream
did I realise that I could be.

Without a job without a home
.By circumstances forced to steal
but my hungers all too real.
A spell in jail would be welcome.

At least inside I would be fed.
Not root in dumpsters for my food.
I’d rather work as a man should
to earn my daily crust of bread.

My firm downsized and fired me
because their profit margins fell.
A matter of economy
consigning working men to hell.

The world is run by greedy men
who are obsessed with balance sheets.
So I may never work again
but live and die upon the streets.


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Recession Depression

How green was the valley of my delight.
New opportunity to the left, and to the right.

The world was alive with gluttonous light.
Prosperity was endless and out of sight.

And now that that life has come to an end.
That long slippery slope formed ‘round the bend.

Under water from the start, with no heart, it seems,
The economy cratered and squandered my dreams.

First, a pay cut, and then fewer hours.
And then I was cut, like wrapped fresh flowers.

Struggling to pay Peter by robbing Paul,
I deluded myself about surviving my fall.

First, the car went, and then the house,
Bankruptcy followed this poor church mouse.

Lost my wife and kids in a nasty divorce.
My shoe leather bare, I talked myself horse.

On the street with no place to go,
handouts and retraining leading to slow.

Death of my dreams and death of my soul.
Where are you, God, that I have stooped so low?

If there is a moral to this little lie,
there but for fortune, go you or I.

*Phil Ochs

It's a reccesion

It's a reccesion...shit, everybody broke.
So me & B. Rose back on the scene to give back everybody's hope.
I stayed on my grind, kept my head up.
I'm blessed to stay stable when my money starts to stack up...
Cuz the government got us making haste, feel like time is a waste.
Everybody jackin' now, gotta keep sumthin' on ya waist.
But I'm still super-straight, better yet make it super great...
But these muthafuckas gon drive me outta my home into the Super 8.
It seem like my money can't cut it sometimes.
Luxury trips are out, Bush got me stayin' behind.
It's all about the oil, like it or not.
Paycheck to paycheck, we in some rough spots.
Call it what you want but me & B. call it "fucked up".
Think it's gon' get better soon? I don't know, my mind's fucked up
From all of the increases and decreases and so forth...
This shit gon' make me pack up and take my ass up North.

A Poem on Recession

A Poem on Recession
ye jo thode se hai paise
inse gadii kharidu main kaise
Petrol ke daam bhale hi kam huye
lekin EMI chukaaonga main kaise
ye jo thode se hai paise
agar koi aisa bank hota
jo 0% interest pe loan deta
main us bank main jaata
100% loan le aata
magar kya karoon main ki ye jaanta hoon
loan milta nahi aise
ye jo thode se hai paise
agar koi mera dost hota
jiske paas Maruti hota
main uske paas chale jaata
uski car udhaar le aata
magar kya karoon main ki ye jaanta hoon
mere dost bhi hai mere jaise
ye jo thode se hai paise
Jab bhi mera dil hota
tumse baat karne ko phone uthaata
lekin low balance dekh ke
main apne dil ko maar deta
chahta hoon main tumse baat karna
lekin free calling ke bhi lagte hai paise
ye jo thode se hai paise
bhale hi na ho paise
bhale hi na ho haalaat pehle jaise
lekin jab tak hai himmat
hum tootenge na aise
aaj nahi sambhle to kal isse ubharenge kaise
aaj bhale hi ho lekin kal nahi rahenge
ye jo thode se hai paise

The recession

He sat under a tree sheltering from the burning sun

Thankful in his mind that his day's work was done

He had laboured hard many hours that day

And he could rest content knowing he had justified his pay

Not many folk today can feel this way

Wanting to work less hours and demanding extra pay

Asking for something their employers cannot afford

Is there any wonder so many jobs have gone abroad?

This situation has led to many jobs being lost

Which we are now realising to our cost

And many more are becoming unemployed

As more and more technology is deployed

This process has been going on for many years

And recent events have consolidated our fears

For the effects of the recession have now appeared

As we hear of the jobs which have disappeared

The international recession has been given the blame

But the loss of our manufacturing base is to our shame

This was allowed to happen and no one seemed to care

Unfortunately the result is one all of us must share.

RON MARTIN Forest Park, Bulwell

Friday, February 20, 2009

My Friend

My friend is like the rain.
divine is every drop,
peace in every touch,
a blessing in disguise;
better still,

Friendship Poems

She looks like she stole the stars right from the skies-
And sewed them into the pupils of her gorgeous eyes,
She blinks with insecurity but with amazement too,
This pretty little girl just doesn't have even a clue.

Her pretty little voice flutters the inside of my heart,
It makes me want to shield her from everything,
And beat anyone up who comes across her path,
So anyone reading this, beware of dog, is the sign.

She lifts up the souls to everyone she talks too,
Because she has the magical power, that I want,
But I can't have because she is a one of a kind,
With a special heart that no one else can ever have.

She lives in a very evil town in the state of Nebraska,
Where the people just don't give a hoot about anything,
They just stop and stare, but they don't go anywhere,
Followers is what I'd like to call them, who knows.

She lives in an evil little house, where snakey lives,
She too, doesn't give a smudge about life itself,
Thank god she had a daughter, because I'd fail;
I'd fail majorly in life without this special person.

Ever since I've known her, she has always amazed me,
She keeps my imagination running and rolling along,
She makes sure my chin is up and looking forward,
Strong as steel even though we have our moments.

If I lived there with her, no one would ever hurt her,
Because I'd stomp on the faces who dared to even try,
And bet me on anything, because that is no lie,
She is like my daughter, and I love her so dang much.

I'd give her my last bite of food, and last drink to drink,
I'd give her my shoes if she didn't have any to wear,
I'd give her my pen, if she came to school unprepared,
And most of all, I'd give her my last breath.

Friendship Poem - The Situation of the Queen of Hearts

The queen of hearts between the Jack and the King
Is wondering if its better to be in a fling
Than to be in love with somebody that's new
Who brings feelings to her like so very few.

The queen is playing dirty, with her heart in a knot
And she can't make a decision because it's just too hot
The consequences are harsh, but she knows its right
To leave the Jack for the King and start a big fight.

She's eyeing and spying, waiting for a good time
To tell the Jack about the King that is dying to shine
And take his spot in the deck as the one true lover
Who the Queen needs to feel somebody loves her.

I'm waiting around, as the joker of the deck
Whom nobody listens to, but what the heck
My heart is in the place that is truly right
And I'm ready to take on any little fight.

When the deed is done, I'll be sleeping fine
Because I've known what is right all the time.
To play chess with two hearts and win
Is as wrong as a fish with no fins.

Hand in Hand - New friendship Poems

Sometimes it's hard to see,
what's right in front of me.

Sometimes i don't appreciate,
the time and effort you make.

Sometimes i can't understand,
that he isn't the right man.

But for those "sometimes" I'm glad i have you,
to tell me when it's time to realize him and me are through.

I know that my faults have taken a toll on you,
and i want to say thankyou.

Thankyou for sticking it through,
and realizing that I'm here for you too.

We hit it off from the start,
and I can tell we will never part.

best friends from the beginning,
I'm here for any inning.

Rain or shine,
I'll be on time.

Like best friends should,
I'll be here for good.

Across The Miles - Friendship Poems

Across the Miles we stand
Two great friends
Friendship Poems

We go through conversations
No knowing if it's a smile or a frown
Our bodies stand miles apart
Two great Friends
We'll never be apart
Not even the greatest distance will part us
Our hearts stand as one
So across the Miles we stand
In our body form
But our hearts are one
In our spirit form
Two great Friends
Is what we stand for

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I am loving it

I’m loving it
Kiyoki life ho to aise
Aapke meri jaise
Our institute is connecting people
Making life liveable
Yeh dil mange more
Move, masti and parties
I like it! Aha! enjoy!
Ka lo dunya muthi main
Kyo ki life main hai magic
Magic hai to mumkin hai
Hakqu se mango
Jo kuch bhi mangna hai
Ek pal suno to
Har rang kuch kaheta hai
Learn unlearn relearn
Yeh baju ka college kaheta hai
Heart of every one here
Is pure for sure
Karte hai hum promise
To be with you all the way
Run for your dreams
Press the flame
unite the world
I’ll bring unto you
The real story. Every time

Ek Paheli-Haasye Kavita

ek zamana tha
dil hamara bhi
machla karta tha
din raat khuwabon mein
khayalo mein koi rahta tha
tab shayar-e-ishq me
hum hi hum nazar aate the
ab na khushi rahi na gam

hum hansi ke karan khoj rahe hai
isse ab koi adbhuth khoj kahe
ya koi kahe isse aawishkar
shayar-e-ishq me
din raat kaise guzar jaate the
is rahsy ka parda fash karne me
koi kasar nahi chod rahe hai
shayad umr ka takaza tha
aur samay ki na koi fikar
tabhi yoindia pe ishq nahi to
shayar-e-dard me sahi
bhari dil aur nam aankho se
taakte ghante guzar dete the
dasvi me hindi ki pariksha me
chahe number kam aaye ho
shayari ko lafz kaha se aate hain
yeh bhi apne me ek rahasye hai
khud ki deewangi kahe
ya yaha ke logon ka apnaapan
lage rahsyo ka yeh pitara to
yuh hi bharta rahega…!!
meri is khoj me aap bhi bhagyedaar bane
apni bhi kuch ray pesh kare …
shayad isi ke tahat
yaha bhi mahafil jam jayegi
kuch khatti kuch meethi
kuch namkeen kuch teekhi
ek zabardast haasye kavita
yaha pe bhi ban jayegi.

Us Paheli ka Jawab

yaad hoga aap ko kuch dino pahele maine ek paheli poochi thi| darsal wo paheli maine paheli baar yoindia pe September 26, 2007, 06:44:00 PM ko poochi thi| kai maze daar jawab bhi mile the mujh| un jawabo ko jaane ki liye aap ko yoindia ke darshan karne padenge lakin un jawabo ke jawab main maine kya jawab diya wo main yaha aap sabhi ke saath baat rahi hun| umeed hai aap ko pasand aayenge| dhanyewaad!!

yoindia pe waqth na jate kidhar chala jata hai
job pe baithi ho to pal pal kaatne ko aata hai
filhal subha subha dil kuch mast sa khane ko chahta hai
suna hai tumhe mast murg gosth banana aata hai
likh ke le lo tum mujhse to achha hi pakao gi
khud pe na ho yakeen to ghar chali aao
aaj murg gosth hum banake kerte hai tumpe try
aate saath tum thoda sa leti aana bheja fry
mahotharma jawab mein kaheti hai na na aisi koi baat nahi
lakin hamari baat ka inke paas koi tod jawab bhi to nahi

Us Paheli ka Jawab-2

aap ne achhi line pakd li aur bole nahi rahi main bachhi
is baat me aap ki dam hai zaroor magar huzur
meri umr filhal nabbe baras to hui nahi
kahi apni umr ka khayal aap ke dil me to aaya nahi

meri kalam ko bhi aap ne budha karar diya
kasam se yeh aap ne achha nahi kiya
meri masoom kalam ne apna sara din
aayne ke saamne ro ro ke gava diya

aap ke sar hai ab do do gunhaao ka ilzam
aap ne do dil tode hai kiya hai hamme badnaam
apni safai me saboot pesh kerne ko 24 ghante diye jate hai
kasam hai nahi chodege nahi kerne denge aap ko ab aaram

mere paas koi jawab nahi
lagta hai aap lajawab hai
gandhiwad hamne kabhi padha nahi
gayaan se nahi koi hijab hai

aaram haram hai gunha nahi
hum to aaram farmate hai
kuch naya gyaan tum sikhate kyo nahi
hum to sikhne ko betab hai :D

Something serious..!!!

Aap ka maksad poorana hai
magar khanjar hai naya
Meri to yeh moosibat hai
main layu kaha se sir naya..


Twinkle twinkle lil’ star
How I wonder what you are
Just above the world so high
you are so funny so am I


rain rain go away
come back another day
i’ve made my house of clay
i dont want it washed away…!


Jab mil jayen sang do sharabi
to pine ka rang hojata hai aur rangeen
aap, main aur yeh sharab
hum teen dosto ko duniya main koi kami nahi

Yahi to maza hai peene mein

Yahi to maza hai peene mein
yehi to utsukta hai pee ke jeene mein
karo jo chaho tum pee ke duniya mein
dileri kar lo hai dafan jo chah seena mein

Peene mein kya gum hai
Pee ke jeene mein kya gum hai
hum ne pe nahi hui hai to kya
peene ka ehasaas to hamme hai

Lagta ha is sharabi ko aap pahachan na saki
sharabi hum maana, majnoo hum nahi
lagta hai aap abhi bhi hamme samajh na saki
majnoo hai apne hazzar per mein kisi ke laila nahi

Dosti ka nasha kaam nahi hota peene se
Hota hai Jeene ka Maza duna peene se
aaj milke pete hai hum dost yaha
mahafil ka rang duna hota hai peene se

Sardar ji aap ke dadhi

sardar ji aap ke dadhi
jaise bala ki zulfe
uff mrjaawa gud khake
lagti hai baber sher ki muchhe
latak sakte hai inhe pakad do bachhe
is kandhe se us kandhe tak
laherati hain ho ke mast
unme danda bhi gumnaam ho jaye
dil kise ka kho jaye
aisi hai aap ke dadi
aisi hai aap ki muche
dekhke inhe hum to ghabra gaye
hum zara jara sa haans gaye
haay! hum to phas gaye

*** With due respect to everyone and hope no one will take any offence.

Pyaar ke Funny SMS

wo bola : ‘ main na samjha tha baat itne si
dil hai shishe ka duniya patthar ki’

hamara jawab hai : ‘ e patthar ke sanam chor duniya ka bharam
‘ dil mera to ab tera hai yuh maar na tu tshn’

wo bola

tum sher to hum sawa sher
tum sawa sher to hum babbar sher

hamne kaha

hum sher to tum sawa sher
hum sawa sher to tum babbar sher
hum babber shar to tum kya???

bato na!!!

to tum bhiggu billi!!!! hai na…lol

College walo ne kaha kuch suNaO…!

College mein ap ka anubhav jayda
Ise gud ka hamme fayada
Ab to hum bhi is pariwar ka hissa hai
Ise baat pe aap ko sunate ek kissa hai
‘hua yuh ek baar
ek aanjana
kise college mein ghus aaya
ek ajab kisam ki jati dekh
wo bada ghabraya
istailish jeans
chota kurta
pahene dekh ladko ko
usse hua achambha
ladkiyo ki uchi heel
khule baal dekh
uske dil ko laga sadma
yeh haal usse dekha na gaya
yeh jhamal wo sah na saka
kar ankhe band
ek raha pe nikal pada
ki bechara
ek senior se takraya
samajh fresher
senior ne
use wahi bathaya
auro ke sang bula ke
uska band bajaya
jaan bachake, mushkil se
wo waha se bhag paya
ki kutto ne use
thoda aur daudaya
nikal gate ke bahar
wo thoda sastaya.
Agle din
Wo sabse pahele college aaya
Aapne pahechan ke liya
Apne aage peche
Principal ka board tang waya
Rahega un seniors ko yaad
Wo din harpal
Socha tha naya student hoga
Nikla wo naya principal…!

Virtual World

There is a world
Beyond our imagination

We live in there
Fly in the air
Surf for a while
Then dedicate our lives
Gossip n chat
A spell we chant
Make life long buddies
Share our sorrows n joys
Earn our daily bread
Buy gifts n toys
This brand new world
Is a world within the world
It’s a paradise
And you and me are the one
To make it healthy
Livable and loveable

He gave me Hope!

I have walked alone
Walked down this road
Of life
The storms came around
And left destruction
But you showed me light
And gave a new hope of life

Even though I turned my back
You were always there
Around the corner
I went through loneliness
You stretched out your hands
You loved me with your heart and soul

Just tell me tell me I say
How can I give back
All this love you’ve showed
You humbled yourself
Gave your life for me
In every way you cared

I want to stand
On the highest mountain
I want to sing
By the steepest fountain
I want to scream out your
Tell this whole damn world
That you loved me so
And I miss you even more

You aren’t a God
To give away heaven and earth
Yet you came
You left traces behind
Your memories of
Those happy times
Didn’t you think of me
When you gave up your life

I stretch my hands
I lift up my eyes
Towards the heaven
May be I get your sight
I seek for you now and then
I still see the love in your eyes
As I draw closer to you
Feel your breath on my sides

I gave got to certainly
Trust you forever
Even though it seems
Life is on and end
You taught me to stand firm
Firth from deep within
My victory will be yours

~Gift of peace ~

Have clean aura
Is powerful and impulsive
Gives self-confidence
Gifts a new idea
It will flame a fire in ice

I want to know you like I know my self
Waiting for you and no one else

Troubles make you bigger than body
Tough and mature
Make life supper
Because you are prepared
Not to loose again
Normal life is really boring
Need a powerful work

Life is so colourful
Sabhi rang hai isme
So live super
With all colors of life
And have no tension
Feel the smoothness
Of good times

Life main wo do hai
Jinpe kurba yeh jaan
She made me
And she blessed me

All we need is trying
All we need is just a little patience
The day will bring us together
We’ll fulfil our duties
Time will be our guide

I want to live a musical life
Meditative and spiritual
Zeal filled life
No matter a short period
May be a day or two of my life
I’ll live my whole life in that period

Gift of peace
I don’t mind being lonely
It inspires my life
Shows me the way


They broke up my ribs
And took my heart away
I was distressed, devastated
I know, I know nothing
Was I breathing, was I alive

I can hear it beat
It’s beating all over again
I hear the song I sing
I hear the singing
Am I breathing, am I alive

I was an absconded orphan
I have a shelter now to sleep
I cried tears that burnt my skin
My lips feel a smile, no more I weep
I am breathing all over again, I am alive

Rise With the Sun

May the setting sun
setting to rise again
teach you the value of time
time that never stays
no regrets you always say
Sure regrets too wont stay
No matter what you do or say

May the setting sun
Setting to rise again
teach you that
There is no gain without pain
Moods are fluctuating emotions
Don’t make them an excuse
An excuse for mistake

Learn my friend
Learn to fight
Don’t run away and hide
Life is yours
Struggle and survive
Rewards you’ll get
Rewards to cherish all your life

May the setting sun
Setting to rise again
Teach you to rise and sprout
Like the seed that breaks barren land
Making it lush green one day

Dream Come True

It is a dream come true in some dream

Crafted with rainbow, the world seems

Suddenly everything seems so bright

Crept onto darkness, eternal light

Songs of praises my blissful heart sings

Shower if blessing as church bell rings

Feels like king in this new world I own

Knights and mistresses in my little dome

Am I still dreaming of victorious me?

If this is real, a little more dream I need

Many a more are flags to unfurl

There are dreams, more to come real

I am the newest bud to the garden

I await the fruit nothing happen in a sudden

It is indeed my dream come true

Let me sleep, let me sleep this dream through

Don’t limit your world

Don’t limit your world to me
I’m the the blowing breeze
Don’t let your heart sink in grief
I’m just the falling autumn leaf
Smile and sing with me
I’m the sweet song you sing
dance and play with joy
I’m like the baby’s toy
Expectations will leave you insane
Don’t let your self down with pain….!


Since i ever saw you
when you first called out my name
you are the one I ever wanted
Always felt you are mine
Can’t get you outta my mind
I’m gonna love you till the end of times
I’m gonna love you even
if my heart would break
the situation is fortuitous
my love for you, I’ll never forsake
Baby! come back to me
I don’t want to live without you…!

Smile the Nature is to Adore

I’ll tell you when

When you are in love my friend

When your love is not to defend

When you take life as it comes

When with you river runs

When you live breath by breath

When you fear no death

When you sing with the birds

And flock about with herds

When you dance in the rain

When you smile in the pain

When you say when no more

When within you are for sure

When you let the love be

When you let not love be greed

When you let love be fleeting experience

When you let be your fragrance

Smile and question no more

Smile the nature is to adore

Definition of Love

Love is not a relation …. LOVE RELATES!!

Love is like a chemical reaction in the brain …. Chain of reactions … resulting in N number of feelings … likeness, lust, desire, passion, attraction, falling and giving up … comes to everyone in just different phases … n uncertain order.

It’s the dedication and commitment that makes love last forever. The dedication and commitment has to come in package with freedom. Freedom for the other half. Commitment for self. When it happens on both the end it’s a heavenly union.

Jealousy and possessiveness are the opposite of love. They are bondage, obsession. Insecurity in not related to LOVE… insecurity exists where there is no love. Jealousy and possessiveness shout a loud, that we are insecure, uncertain, and doubtful.

Love is a creative and constructive emotion and jealousy and possessiveness and negative. Can the two be ever related???

Many mythologies come across calling LOVE a GOD. Love is so pure. Love is so divine. Love is a feeling some oneness. Love is a feeling of being complete. Love is universe. Love has only one direction … OUTWARD!!

Love flows from with, flows out. You can never get enough of love. Love is not receivable. You give love. You get it. The more you give the more you get. The question how? I said love has only one direction. So very true. You give love… give all that you have. The space to receive is created. You don’t take love it flows into you. How?? It flows in the other end. So well is it said over and over again … and I repeat…. THE MORE YOU GIVE, THE MORE YOU GET.

Love is PEACE!!
Don’t tie love into a knot, a knot of relation. Don’t try and conquer love by possession or jealousy. Love and let the love be. Let the love be free. Love with all the freedom, for the other. Give love. Give more love. Once you are all filled with love inside out you will be at peace.

We will together sing our song

In love we go so blind
forget reality, get off our mind

in love i can feel inside out
love fro me is never a hideout

i love you this is all i need to know
love me, and i need you to show

believe me together we can make it
we will built our castle bit by bit

The world is not always a happy place
yet with you all bliss i embrace

be with me day and night
all i feel for you is just so right

we will together sing our song
we will live with a smile all along

Love is like a guiding star

So charming unlike one could ever be
So dashing hell ova jolly so understanding
Falling in love seems so inappropriate

I seem to be rising in his love

Dreaming and fantasizing
Wanting him more each day
It feels so amazing
In love you can’t let go

Dreams so young so feel the flow
They will take you where you want to go
Whispering in my ear brushing past my cheeks
Love is like a guiding star

Fall in love all over again

want to be alone for some time
Away from this mad street of crowed
I want to fall in love all over again
The joyous love that makes me proud

Come in my arms my darling
Let us hibernate in lobe and solitude
Emotions and passion are on fire
I’ll take you far from world of attitude

The innocence in your eyes is bliss from heaven
And is heavenly bliss our togetherness
Blooms afresh every season, our love
You are the better half of me, I must confess

My darling! I Love You.

Sometimes I go damn fast
To feel
The force of nature
To fly
To swim
And sometimes I just walk
With cool steps
With time
I need both
I’m so alive
Wow! Feels like
I’m free
Form all traditions
Living a natural way
No worries
Because I know
Life’s a probability
I’m not at all scared, darling!
I’ll face anything Peace really strengthens
Be calm
Work hard
You will taste
The success
All the need is
To be patient
Me sweet child
My love I can’t dare
To dream
A usual life
I wanna fly
I’m spiritual
And need
Super experience
I’m not born to sleep
But to dream and achieve I love you
So I love you
I loved you
Because I loved you
I need you
Because I dreamt you
I’ll be with you
Because I wanna be with you
I wanna live with you No matter
What life will show
I’m ready to face
I’ll be with you
If not as your man
If not as your lover
Then just as me
You’ll always have me
My darling!

Rahesmay zindgi aur yeh chanchal maan

Rahasmay zindgi aur yeh chanchal mann
Na jane kya chaha hai mujhse yeh jeevan

Kasauti hai koi ya ruthi mujhse hai kismat
Bhagte lamho mein khud ko nahi khud ke liye fursat

Mile jo koi ajnabi suni raho mein kabhi kabhar
Pal do pal ke aaye halchal, katil karne aaye bahar

Aake zindgi mein chala jaye har ek ajnabi
Sukun is dil ko aake bhi aaye na kabhi

Bathi hun rahi main parose aapna dil
Uche hai khwahish ek din pani hai manzil

Shayari on Ishq

gir gir ke hamme uthane wale, tujhe na chahu to kiya karu
ishar maine ab kar liya hai, tujhse umeede, tujhse pyaar karu


teri mohabbat hi ibaddat hai meri, chahat hai teri salamati
barkar karhna umeed meri, tu ishq mera, tu mera junoon hai


koi gila na koi shikhwa raha, na jalim yeh zamana, na yaar mere bewafa
chamkeele rang sang laya hai kumar e ishq, yeh mann tujhe duwaye hai de raha


teri mobabbat ke jo rang hai, rangde mujhe iskadar
kudh ko bhool jayu main, is duniya se ho jaau bekhabar


wada kiya hai, nibhana sanam
kasam tu yuh na, gawana balam


Tum jo zindgi mein aaye ho, Aasman ki rangat badal gayi
Ab to tumhe pane ki chah hai, Meri to fitrat badal gayi


meri wafa ko naapna na kabhi, mujhe bhapna tum yuh nahi
mohabbat hai yeh meri, chor sipahi ka yeh koi khel nahi


umeed to yahi karti hun main, to wafa har pal karega
tut gar jau jar main kabhi to dua tu karega


socha na tha yeh din aayega, is awara dil ko tu bha jayega
nachegi dharti amber zhoom uthega, anjaan nagri mein sanam mil jayega


Aahista aahista dil mein sama gaye tum
Ishq se ishq karna sikha gaye tum

Mohabbat mein sanam, main teri ho chali

pyaar tujhse kar baithe hai, yeh gunha to aab kar baithe hai
gusthakhi ho maaf sanam, tujhe dil hum de baithe hai

ek alag sa shayar mujhme jagaya hai, mujhe iskadar deewana banaya hai
pal pal tujhko paas main pati hun, ek nazam udher en kalam ka ubaal aaya hai

iskadar betabi na bada, yeh berukhi hai sanam
mujhe tu is jaha se le ja, is pyaar ka sahara ban

mohabbat aisa alam dekhayegi, maloom na tha mujhe
teri chahat deewana banayegi, maloom na tha mujhe
aab pyaar mein iskadar doobi hun, hun is duniya se bakhabar
ishq mauth ke khof se pare hai, maloom na tha mujhe

mohabat mein yeh tanhai, mohabbat mein aam hai
gudgudata mitha yeh ahesas, mujhe karta badnam hai

tu ashiq hai mera, main teri deewangi
mohabbat mein sanam, main teri ho chali

First Crush

He’s a sweet guy
He just happened to pass by
He came from wonderland
To cast a spell on me
And be my man
He touched so softly
Melted me deep inside
He gave a new meaning to my life
The way he looks at me
In the dimmest light
I can see the spark in his eyes
He’s a chatterbox
But goes dumb
And makes me go numb
I fell for him the moment I saw him
Before that he was in my dreams
What he has for me
Is yet to be known
I love him so much
He loves me double for sure
He says ‘ you are mine’
He’s my lover divine
I can kiss him night and day
And wish it never showed on my face
Wish his lips left no trace
The size of his arms
Sure is a good embrace
I’m yet to hug him
Yet to feel his strength
He makes me feel to climb a tree
And I could jump is he says
Sitting here I feel silly
It all happened in a shot
It’s real hard to believe
There is still a lot to be shard
Sit n talk looking into each other’s eyes

Agar aap mere hote

agar aap ek tedy bear hote
to pass aapne rakh leti
daal ki aapni jholi mein
sang aapne le chalti

subaho sham deti ek pyaara sa kiss
kaheti Mr hun main teri MISS
hug kar ke roz raat ko
sang aapne sulati

kash aap barbi doll hote
to aapne show case mein rakh leti
dekha ke aapne doston ko
khub bost kiya karti

jab khelti sakhiya ghar ghar
to aapna dulha bana leti
halwa puri bana ke roz
aapne dulhe raja ko deti

agar aap mere doggi hote
to chain se banadh ke rakhti
kaan pakdke keechti
aur khoob pyaar karti

agar aap hote mere PC
to din raat aap ko dekhti
chahe mama kitna datti
aap se hi baate karti raheti

par aap ho ek hakiqat ho
aap ko dil hun de bathi
paa nahi sakti to kya
yeh dostana nahi tutne dungi

Aaj phir udas hai jindgi

aaj phir udas hai jindgi
e jindgi tu kya rang layegi
samajh na paya koi
tu kya mujhe samajh payegi
dard diya hai is sine mein
kyo tune hai mujhe rulaya
intezzar hai jiska mujhe
unse kyo tune mujhe na milaya
mil bhi gaye gar kabhi
to kya anjam degi tu, e jindgi
tute dil ko tune marna bhi na sikhaya

tu door hi rahe

Khwabon ki ek duniya main
Ek murat rachi thi
Nashili aakhen madhosh kardene wali
Wo katil hasi dekhi thi
Chand sa chera laherati zulfe
Wo is daard-e-dil ke dawa thi

Mohabbat main iskadar dube
Khud ko sambhalne ka hosh nahi tha
Ishq ka junoon hua sawar
Sochne samajhne ka wqth nahi tha
Unki deewangi ka aisa chadha khumar
Yeh pagalpan nahi to aur kya tha

Aakhe khuli to pata chala
Ek hasi khuwab-e-hakikat tah
Kaise kahe dun use bewafa main
Usne to dil se deedar kiya tha
Nahi main chata tute uska dil
Us dileuba se hi to maine pyaar kiya tha

Kasauti jindgi ke kahun ya anchahi baat
Mera dil bhi to bewafa nahi hai
Kor nahi sakta aab main use
Uspe aab mera koi haqu nahi hai
Aazad kiya tujhe aaj e jindgi
Ghav dil ke aab bharne walw nahi hai


yaadein akasar logo ki yaad dila jaati hai

soote main hume dara kar jaati hai

yaadein so pucha ek din maine

tum akhir yaadein kyun kehlati ho

yaadein boli

yaadein hai dil ki aatma

yaadein hai khamosh sajna

yaadein hai wafe se wafadar sathi

yaadein hai aankhon ke aansuo ke samondar ke moti

yaadein hai phoolon ki khoye huye khusbu

yaadein hai sache pyar main chupi huye deewangi.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

valentine Poem Sms for Valentine Day

valentine Poem Sms for Valentine Day , Valentine text Messages

Sender:Name Missing*
*Number Missing
*Sentate missing
*Missing U a lot thats y
everything is missing....

Memories r treasured
no1 can steal.
Parting is heartache
no1 can heal.
Sum'll 4get u wen ur gone
but i'll remember u
no matter how long..

U may miss me
U may ignore me
U may even forget me
But one day if u wanna c me
Dont search, just c ur shadow
i wil be thr...Trust Me!!

valentine Poem Sms for Valentine Day , Valentine text Messages

Love Poem or Valentine Poem

Don't go for looks,
they can deceive
Don't go for wealth
even that fades away.
Go for sum1 who makes u
smile becoz only a smile makes
a dark day seem bright..

All I wanted was sum1 2 care 4 me
All I wanted was sum1 who'd b there 4 me
All I ever wanted was sum1 who'd b true
All I ever wanted was sum1 like U...

Free Valentine SMS and Valentine Shayari.

Free Valentine SMS

If i reached for your hand , will u hold it ?
If i hold out my arms, will u hug me ?
If i go for your lips, will u kiss me ?
If i capture ur heart , will u love me ??

C.L.I.C.K. means :

C= cant live without u
L= love u
I= i miss u
C= care about u
K= kiss from my heart 2 u
So whenever u miss me just say CLICK.

Free Valentine SMS

Free valentine SMS

If Your asking if I Need U the answer is 4Ever..
If Your askin if I'll Leave U the answer is Never..
If Your askin what I value the Answer is U..
if Your askin if I love U the answer is I do.

I dream about you evey night
I shiver when your in sight
I long to hold you close n tight
I wanna be there with all my might
I m just hoping I'm the girl whos right

When i look at you,
i cannot deny there is God,
cause only God could have created some one
as wonderful n beautiful as you

Reasons to say Why U love her ?

  • I can be myself when I am with you.
  • Your idea of romance is dimlights, softmusic, and just the two of us.
  • Because you make me feel like,like, like I have never felt before.
  • I can tell you anything, and you won't be shocked.
  • Your undying faith is what keeps the flame out of love alive
  • You and me together, we can make magic.
  • We're a perfect match.
  • Thinking of you, fills me with a wonderful feeling.
  • Your love gives me the feeling, that the best is still ahead.
  • You never give up on me, and that's what keeps me going.
  • You are simply irresistible

  • I love you because you bring the best out of me.
  • Your terrific sense of humor
  • Everytime I look at you, my heart misses a beat
  • You're the one who holds the key to my heart
  • You always say what I need to hear (You are perfect).
  • You have taught me the true meaning of love.
  • Love is, what you mean to me - and you mean everything.
  • You are my theme for a dream.
  • I have had the time of my life and I owe it all to you.
  • When I look into your eyes, I can see your heart.
  • Your love for me is a natural anti-depressant.
  • I love to hear your voice.

  • Your love has helped me to rediscover myself.
  • Your love is an effective anti-dote to despair.
  • I love to wake up with you by my side...It makes my days better.
  • You always make me feel that you are by my side no matter what.
  • I love that feeling of being secure when you wrap your arms around me.
  • I love the way you keep your cool when I do something stupid.
  • Just being with you feels like I can defy the whole world.
  • You mean the world to me.
  • I like your small gestures that speak volumes about how much you care.
  • I love the way you treasure the gifts that I gave you.
  • I love the way you patch up with me after a tumultuous fight.
  • And, of-course, your intelligence, 'cause you were smart enough to fall in love with me

Love you in All Languages

Say Love you in different languages on this Valentine

  • Afrikaans - Ek het jou lief
  • Albanian - Te dua
  • Arabic - Ana behibak (to male)
  • Arabic - Ana behibek (to female)
  • Armenian - Yes kez sirumen
  • Bambara - M'bi fe
  • Bangla - Aamee tuma ke bhalo baashi
  • Belarusian - Ya tabe kahayu
  • Bisaya - Nahigugma ako kanimo
  • Bulgarian - Obicham te
  • Cambodian - Bung Srorlagn Oun (to female)
  • Oun Srorlagn Bung (to male)
  • Cantonese/Chinese Ngo oiy ney a
  • Catalan - T'estimo
  • Cheyenne - Ne mohotatse
  • Chichewa - Ndimakukonda
  • Corsican - Ti tengu caru (to male)
  • Creol - Mi aime jou
  • Croatian - Volim te
  • Czech - Miluji te
  • Danish - Jeg Elsker Dig
  • Dutch - Ik hou van jou
  • English - I love you
  • Esperanto - Mi amas vin
  • Estonian - Ma armastan sind
  • Ethiopian - Ewedishalehu : male/female to female
  • Ewedihalehu: male/female to male.
  • Faroese - Eg elski teg
  • Farsi - Doset daram
  • Filipino - Mahal kita
  • Finnish - Mina rakastan sinua
  • French - Je t'aime, Je t'adore
  • Gaelic - Ta gra agam ort
  • Georgian - Mikvarhar
  • German - Ich liebe dich
  • Greek - S'agapo
  • Gujarati - Hu tumney prem karu chu
  • Hiligaynon - Palangga ko ikaw
  • Hawaiian - Aloha wau ia oi
  • Hebrew - Ani ohev otah (to female)
  • Hebrew - Ani ohev et otha (to male)
  • Hiligaynon - Guina higugma ko ikaw
  • Hindi - Hum Tumhe Pyar Karte hai
  • Hmong - Kuv hlub koj
  • Hopi - Nu' umi unangwa'ta
  • Hungarian - Szeretlek
  • Icelandic - Eg elska tig
  • Ilonggo - Palangga ko ikaw
  • Indonesian - Saya cinta padamu
  • Inuit - Negligevapse
  • Irish - Taim i' ngra leat
  • Italian - Ti amo
  • Japanese - Aishiteru
  • Kannada - Naa ninna preetisuve
  • Kapampangan - Kaluguran daka
  • Kiswahili - Nakupenda
  • Konkani - Tu magel moga cho
  • Korean - Sarang Heyo
  • Latin - Te amo
  • Latvian - Es tevi miilu
  • Lebanese - Bahibak
  • Lithuanian - Tave myliu
  • Malay - Saya cintakan mu / Aku cinta padamu
  • Malayalam - Njan Ninne Premikunnu
  • Mandarin Chinese - Wo ai ni
  • Marathi - Me tula prem karto
  • Mohawk - Kanbhik
  • Moroccan - Ana moajaba bik
  • Nahuatl - Ni mits neki
  • Navaho - Ayor anosh'ni
  • Nepali - Ma Timilai Maya Garchhu
  • Norwegian - Jeg Elsker Deg
  • Pandacan - Syota na kita!!
  • Pangasinan - Inaru Taka
  • Papiamento - Mi ta stimabo
  • Persian - Doo-set daaram
  • Pig Latin - Iay ovlay ouyay
  • Polish - Kocham Cie
  • Portuguese - Eu te amo
  • Romanian - Te ubesc
  • Roman Numerals - 333
  • Russian - Ya tebya liubliu
  • Rwanda - Ndagukunda
  • Scot Gaelic - Tha gra\dh agam ort
  • Serbian - Volim te
  • Setswana - Ke a go rata
  • Sign Language - ,\,,/ (represents position of fingers when signing 'I Love You'
  • Sindhi - Maa tokhe pyar kendo ahyan
  • Sioux - Techihhila
  • Slovak - Lu`bim ta
  • Slovenian - Ljubim te
  • Spanish - Te quiero / Te amo
  • Surinam- Mi lobi joe
  • Swahili - Ninapenda wewe
  • Swedish - Jag alskar dig
  • Swiss-German - Ich lieb Di
  • Tagalog - Mahal kita
  • Taiwanese - Wa ga ei li
  • Tahitian - Ua Here Vau Ia Oe
  • Tamil - Naan unnai kathalikiraen
  • Telugu - Nenu ninnu premistunnanu
  • Thai - Chan rak khun (to male)
  • Thai - Phom rak khun (to female)
  • Turkish - Seni Seviyorum
  • Ukrainian - Ya tebe kahayu
  • Urdu - mai aap say pyaar karta hoo
  • Vietnamese - Anh ye^u em (to female)
  • Vietnamese - Em ye^u anh (to male)
  • Welsh - 'Rwy'n dy garu
  • Yiddish - Ikh hob dikh
  • Yoruba - Mo ni fe
  • Zimbabwe - Ndinokuda

The day of love requires a companion - Love Poem for valentine

The day of love requires a companion,
But I find myself at this time all alone.
Words of sweet affection fill the morning
Like bells outside the windows of my room.

I don't know why I don't have someone with me.
I've loved and been loved through the restless years.
The mysteries of love I hold within me
Are a darkness unrelieved by moon and stars.

And yet I feel more love than I have ever
Felt within the circle of a kiss.
Love need not be a passion or a fever,
Nor does it need a hand for its caress.

Love does not require a companion.
It doesn't need an object or a home.
It flies above the ecstasy of morning
And fills the universe inside my room.

Love Poem for valentine

Valentine Poems - Love Poems

poems for your Valentine

The way you turn me on
Is like the switch of a light
Because when I see you
I think: What a sight!
You brighten things up
Throughout the whole day
And when you're about to leave
I say to myself: Please stay

Some day you might be my lover
Some day you might be my friend
Whichever one comes first
I hope will never end
Although I don't really know you
You mean a ton to me
A ton as big as heaven
Is what I want you to see.

Now I'm not sure you're single
You might be happily in love
Whomever he might be
He is very lucky
If there's no one to fulfill
That great big happiness
That brings such great a feeling
Of sweet and joy and bless
I would be the one
To bring that all to you
I'll always do you right
If you want me to.
A rose for you

Valentine Day Special Poem.

Valentine Poems

I think that I have found
Upon this wondrous ground
A friend for life, a love
Who is a touch above

Life's mediocrities
That blow in different seas
These special ones on earth
Who've been that way since birth

They touch lightly your heart
And never must you part,
For when you see their eyes
There can be no good-byes

So walk this way with me
Along this pathway free,
I shall not bind or tie
Our love or it would die

Valentine history

While Valentine was in prison awaiting his fate, he came in contact with his jailor, Asterius. The jailor had a blind daughter. Asterius requested him to heal his daughter. Through his faith he miraculously restored the sight of Asterius' daughter. Just before his execution, he asked for a pen and paper from his jailor, and signed a farewell message to her "From Your Valentine," a phrase that lived ever after.
Valentine thus become a Patron Saint, and spiritual overseer of an annual festival. The festival involved young Romans offering women they admired, and wished to court, handwritten greetings of affection on February 14. The greeting cards acquired St.Valentine's name.

The Valentine's Day card spread with Christianity, and is now celebrated all over the world. One of the earliest card was sent in 1415 by Charles, duke of Orleans, to his wife while he was a prisoner in the Tower of London. The card is now preserved in the British Museum.

History of Valentine

As early as the fourth century B.C., the Romans engaged in an annual young man's rite to passage to the God Lupercus. The names of the teenage women were placed in a box and drawn at random by adolescent men; thus, a man was assigned a woman companion for the duration of the year, after which another lottery was staged. After eight hundred years of this cruel practice, the early church fathers sought to end this practice... They found an answer in Valentine, a bishop who had been martyred some two hundred years earlier.

According to church tradition St. Valentine was a priest near Rome in about the year 270 A.D. At that time the Roman Emperor Claudius-II who had issued an edict forbidding marriage.
This was around when the heyday of Roman empire had almost come to an end. Lack of quality administrators led to frequent civil strife. Learning declined, taxation increased, and trade slumped to a low, precarious level. And the Gauls, Slavs, Huns, Turks and Mongolians from Northern Europe and Asian increased their pressure on the empire's boundaries. The empire was grown too large to be shielded from external aggression and internal chaos with existing forces. Thus more of capable men were required to be recruited as soldiers and officers. When Claudius became the emperor, he felt that married men were more emotionally attached to their families, and thus, will not make good soldiers. So to assure quality soldiers, he banned marriage.
Valentine, a bishop , seeing the trauma of young lovers, met them in a secret place, and joined them in the sacrament of matrimony. Claudius learned of this "friend of lovers," and had him arrested. The emperor, impressed with the young priest's dignity and conviction, attempted to convert him to the roman gods, to save him from certain execution. Valentine refused to recognize Roman Gods and even attempted to convert the emperor, knowing the consequences fully.
On February 24, 270, Valentine was executed.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Free Valentine Shayari

Jise dil diya woh dilhi chali gayi..
Jise pyar kiya woh italy chali gayi…
Dil ne kaha khud kushi(suicide) kar le zalim…
Bijali ko haath lagaya to bijali chali gayi…

Duniya Se Jo Dare, Usse Kayar Kehte Hain,
Duniya Jisse Dare, Usse Shayar Kehte Hain,
Biwi Se Jo Dare, Usse Shohar Kehte Hain.

Aur bhi bahut si cheeze lut chu-ki hai dil ke saath
Ye bataya dosto ne ishq farmane ke baad
Is liye kamray ki ek ek cheez “ckeck” karta hoon main
“Ek tere aane se pehle, ek tere jaa-ne ke baad”

Valentine Shayari

Yehi Wafaa ka silaah hai, to koi baat nahi

Yeh dard tum ne diya hai, to koi baat nahi

Yehi bohot hai ke tum dekhte ho sahil se

Sapeena doob raha hai, to koi baat nahi

Rakha tha aashiyana-e-dil main choopa ke tumko

Woh ghar tumne chod diya hai to koi baat nahi

Tum hi ne aayena-e-dil mera banaya tha

Tum hi ne tord diya hai to koi baat nahi

Kise majaal kahe koi mujh ko deewana

Agar yeh tumne kaha hai to koi baat nahin

Valentine shayari

OS ne kaha mujh se kitna piyar hai
main nay kaha, sitaron ka koi shumaar hai

os ne kaha k kon tumhain hai buhat aziz?
main ne kaha k dil pay jisay ikhtiar hai

os ne kaha kay kon sa tuhfa hai mann pasand
mainay kaha : woh shaam ju ab tak udhaar hai

os ne kaha kay k sainkaron gham Zindagi main hain
mainay kaha k gham nahin, jab gham gusaar saath hai

os ne kaha kahan tak saath nibha o gay
mainay kaha, jitnee ye saanson ki taar hai

os ne kaha mujh ko yaqeen aa a kis tarah?
mainay kaha kay mera naam Aitbaar hai (Mehvi)

Valentine Quote

Special Valentine Quote.

“To love someone is to understand each other, to laugh together, to smile with your heart and to trust one another. One important thing is to let each other go if you can’t do this.”

“Oh! How I miss you so much
Your kiss
Your touch
All of you”

“You may conquer with the sword, But you are conquered by a kiss” ~Daniel Heinsius

“A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous~Ingrid Bergman

Valentine day Shayari

Mere dil to tere pyar me itna pagal hai,
Jo sab ko chodke tere paas rehta hai,
Yaha tak ke muje uski zarurat hai,
Phirbhi mere paas ake usne dhadkan chodiya hai…

Aankho me arman diya karte hai,
hum sabki neend chura liya karte hai,
ab se jab jab apki palke jhapkenge,
samaj lena tab tab hum apko yaad kiya karte hai

Valentine day Shayari

Valentine day Shayari

Mere dil to tere pyar me itna pagal hai,
Jo sab ko chodke tere paas rehta hai,
Yaha tak ke muje uski zarurat hai,
Phirbhi mere paas ake usne dhadkan chodiya hai…

Aankho me arman diya karte hai,
hum sabki neend chura liya karte hai,
ab se jab jab apki palke jhapkenge,
samaj lena tab tab hum apko yaad kiya karte hai

Valentine day Shayari

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mat roko rone do mujhe

Mat roko rone do mujhe,
Aansuon ko pee jaane do,

Vo chali gayi apni yaadein dekar,
Uski yaadon mein hi kho jaane do,

Har pal roti hai aankhe meri,
Ke ashkon ko bhi jam jaane do,

Ab to din ke ujalese bhi dar lagta hai,
Mujhe raat ke andhere mein hi rahne do,

Kaise bayan karudil ka dard lafzon mein,
Aankho ko hi sab keh jaane do,

Ab saha nahi jaatausse judaai ka dard,
Ab zehar ko hi muktisamajh kar apnane do...!!!

Maine kabhi dekha nahi uska chehra

Maine kabhi dekha nahi uska chehra,
Phir bhi uski baato se ehsaas hai,
Wo kahi door chhupa baitha hai,
Phir bhi kitna paas hai,
Roz baatein to hoti hai magar,
Kya hoti hai ye samajhna hai,
Maine shayad pehchana nahi use,
Par pehchan jaane ka armaan hai,
Kaun hai wo ye batana hai mushkil,
Kyun ki main usse or wo mujhse anjaan hai,
Dosti ki shuruat kuch aise hi hoti hai,
Achcha hota hai jab pehchanne mein deri hoti hai,
Jaan pehchaan ka daur jab tak chalta rahega,
Dosti ka bahare chaman khitla rahega,
Wo to waise bhi dosti ke sartaaj hai,
Lambi list hai jispe unhe naaj hai..!!!

kisi se Baat Karna

Kisi se Baat karna,Bolna achcha nahi lagta,
Tujhe Dekha hai jabse,Doosra achcha nahi lagta,
Teri aankhon mein jabse maine apna aks Dekha Hai,
Mere chahre ko koi aaina achcha nahi lagta,
Tere Baare mein Din Bhar sochta Rehta Hoon main lekin,
Tere Baare mein sabse Poochna achcha nahi lagta,
Yaha Mohabbat karne wale Barbaad Rehte hai,
Yeh Darya Hai isse kachcha Ghada achcha nahi lagta,
MAIN ab chahat ki us Manzil par aa Punhcha Hoon,
Tere alawa kisika Dekhna achcha nahi lagta...!!!

Tere alawa kisika Dekhna

Kisi se Baat karna,Bolna achcha nahi lagta,
Tujhe Dekha hai jabse,Doosra achcha nahi lagta,
Teri aankhon mein jabse maine apna aks Dekha Hai,
Mere chahre ko koi aaina achcha nahi lagta,
Tere Baare mein Din Bhar sochta Rehta Hoon main lekin,
Tere Baare mein sabse Poochna achcha nahi lagta,
Yaha Mohabbat karne wale Barbaad Rehte hai,
Yeh Darya Hai isse kachcha Ghada achcha nahi lagta,
MAIN ab chahat ki us Manzil par aa Punhcha Hoon,
Tere alawa kisika Dekhna achcha nahi lagta...!!!

Kyun rulaati ho hume

Kyun rulaati ho hume?
Kyun bhool jaati ho hume?
Tere hi sahaare to jee rahe hain hum..
To phir kyun akela chhod jaati ho hume?

Har baat ko chhupana aata hai tumhe,
Roothon ko manana aata hai hume,
Roothe ho tum najaane kis baat par?
To phir wo baat kyun nahi bataati ho hume?

Jaan jaati hai hamari,Jab yaad aati hai tumhari,
Tum to hume bhula deti ho,
To phir kyun yaad aati ho hume?

Hum jeene ke bahaane marte rahenge,
Pyar hum tumse karte rahenge.
Pyar to tum bhi karti ho,
To phir kyun yuh satati ho hume..???

Khubsoorat hai woh lub

Khubsoorat hai woh lub,
Jo pyari baate karte hai,
Khubsoorat hai woh muskurahat,
Jo doosro ke chehro par bhi muskan saja de,

Khubsoorat hai woh dil,
Jo kisi ke dard ko samjhe,
Jo kisi ke dard mein tadpe,
Khubsoorat hai woh jazbat,
Jo kisika ehsaas kare,

Khubsoorat hai woh ehsaas,
Jo kisi ke dard ke me dawa bane,
Khubsoorat hai woh baate,
Jo kisi ka dil na dukhaye,

Khubsoorat hai wo aankhein,
Jin mein sharm o haya ho,
Khubsoorat hai woh ansoo,
Jo kisi ke dard ko mehsoos karke beh jaye,

Khubsoorat hai woh Haath,
Jo kisi ko mushkil waqt mein tham le,
Khubsoorat hai woh kadam,
Jo kisi ki madad ke liye aage badhein,

Khubsoorat hai woh soch,
Jo kisi ke liye achcha soche,
Khubsoorat hai woh insan,
Jisko KHUDA ne ye,
khubsoorati ada ki...!!!

Kaash ke meri zindagi me bhi kisi ka saath hota

Kaash ke mujhse bhi kisi ko pyar hota,
Kaash ke mere liye bhi kisi ka dil bekarar hota,

Kaash ke mujhe bhi koi apni yaadon mein leta,
Apne khawabon mein basata,aankhon mein chhupata,

Kaash ke mujhse bhi kabhi koi izhaar karta,
Kaash ke mere liye bhi koi bechain hota,

Kaash ke mujhe bhi koi apne dil mein utarta
,Apni saanson mein samata,meri duniya ko mehkaata,

Kaash ke mere bhi sapne kabhi sach hote
,Kaash ke mere bhi armaan pure hote,

Kaash ke mujhe bhi kabhi mil jaata koi,
Dekhta use main harpal, rehta khoya khoya,

Kaash ke mujhe bhi kisi ka saath mila hota,
Kaash ke meri zindagi me bhi kisi ka saath hota..!!!

Kaise sakoon paau jo tumhe na dekh paau

Kaise sakoon paau jo tumhe na dekh paau,
Kaise dil ko samjhaau, jo tumhe na pass paau,

Satati hai mujhe meri apni hi wafaye,
Dil ko aa jaata sakoon jo milti teri wafaye,

Tadpaati hai yaadein aur berang hai nigaahein,
Apne dil ke zakhm, kis kis ko main deekhaau,

Teri bewafai ko log kehte hai teri majboori,
Main apni majbooriya kaha tak ginaau,

Meri wafayo ka mujhe ye sila mila hai,
Muffat mein hue badnaam aur dil chhalni hua hai,

Mila ke najar ab tumse aur kaun se gazal sunaau,
kaise sakoon paau jo tumhe na dekh paau...!!!

Kabhi izhar lafzo ka bhi achcha nahi lagta

Kabhi izhar lafzo ka bhi achcha nahi lagta,
Kabhi iqrar jazbo ka bhi achcha nahi lagta,

Kabhi larazte honth bhi kai raz khol dete hai,
kabhi dil ki dardkan mein tera hi naam bajta hai,

Kabhi kisi takleef mein bhi hum khushiya manate hai,
Kabhi jo yaad aaye to khushiyo mein bhi aansoo bahate hai,

Kabhi har pal tumhe soch kar muskarate hai,
Samne aane par hum chehra chupate hai,

Kabhi dil yeh chahta hai ke tum door na jao,
Magar jab pas aate ho to hum door jaate hai,

Kabhi zara si baat par hum tum se rooth jaate hai,
Kabhi dil ki khwahish par hum tum ko manate hai,

Duniya ke har mozoo par tumse baat rehti hai magar,
Kabhi aankho mein dekho to hum palke jhukate hai...!!!!

Kabhi bechain rehta ha

Kabhi bechain rehta hai kabhi betaab rehta hai,
Kabhi khud muskurata hai kabhi aansoo bahata hai,
Bata-e-dil deewane tu kise yaad karta hai,

Yeh sawan ka haseen mausam barasta hai barasne de,
Kyon apni aarzoo ko tu chhupata hai chalakne de,
Kabhi khamosh rehta hai Kabhi shikwe sunata hai,
Bata-e-dil deewane tu kise yaad karta hai,

Raha khud pe nahi kaboo yeh kaisi beqarari hai,
Nazar sooni hui meri jigar mein bhi khumaari hai,
Kabhi saanson mein basta hai kabhi jadoo jagata hai,
Bata-e-dil deewane tu kise yaad karta hai,

Siwa tere nahi koi, nahi koi, nahi koi,
Hui jab se mujhe chahat nigah soyi nahi,
Kabhi aankhain bhigata hai kabhi sapne dikhata hai,
Bata-e-dil deewane tu kise yaad karta hai,

Duaaye de, wafaaye de, na hum ko tu jafaaye de,
Guzar jayenge had se hum, tu zulfon ki ghataaye de,
Kabhi kasame bhi khata hai kabhi phir bhool jata hai,
Bata-e-dil deewane tu kise yaad karta hai...!!!

HumSe Har shaam Mili Hai Tera Chehra Bankar

Kabhi Aansoo Kabhi Khushboo Kabhi Naghma Bankar,
HumSe Har shaam Mili Hai Tera Chehra Bankar,
Chand Nikla Hai Teri Aankh K Aansoo Ki Tarah,
Phool Mehke Hai Teri Zulf Ka Saya Bankar,
Meri Jaagi Hui Raato Ko UsiKi Hai Talaash,
So Raha Hai Meri Aankhon Mein Jo Sapna Bankar,
Dil K Kagaz Par Utarta Hai Tu Shero Ki Tarha,
Mere Hontho Pe Machalta Hai Tu Naghma Bankar,
Raat Bhi Aayi To Bujhti Nahi Chehre Ki Chamak,
Rooh Mein Phel Gayi Hai Woh Ujala Bankar,
Mera Kya Haal Hai Yeh AaKe Kabhi Dekh Tu Le,
Jee Raha Hoon Tera Bhoola Hua Wada Bankar,
Dhoop Mein Kho Gaya Woh Haath Chura Kar kahi,
Ghar Se Jo Saath Chala Tha Mer Saya Bankar,
Kabhi Aansoo Kabhi Khushboo Kabhi Naghma Bankar,
HumSe Har Shaam Mili Hai Tera Chehra Bankar..!!!

if you Love Someone - Love Shayari for Valentine

If You Love Someone . . .

If you love some one because You think that he or she is really gorgeous...Then it's not love..It's - INFATUATION. . .

If you love some one because You think that you shouldn't leave him becauseOthers think that you shouldn't ... Then it's not love..It's - COMPROMISE. . .

If you love some one because You think that you cannot live with out his touch ....Then it's not love .. It's - LUST. . .

If you love some one because You have been kissed by him ...Then it's not love.. It's - INFERIORITY COMPLEX. . .

If you love some one because You cannot leave him thinking that it would hurt his feelings ..Then it's not love .. It's - CHARITY. . .

If you love some one because You share every thing with him ...Then it's not love..It's - FRIENDSHIP. . .

But if you feel the pain of the other person More than him even when he is stableand you cry for him ..That's - LOVE . . .

Jo rehte hai sada dil mein

Jo rehte hai sada dil mein,
Unhe dhunda nahi karte,

Jo rach jaye ragho mein,
Unhe socha nahi karte,

Baharo k ghane saye mein halki si chubhan bhi hai,
Ghumo ki dhoop ka magar tumse kabhi shikwa nahi karte,

Nahi aate kabhi bhi lout kar guzre howe mousam,
Baraste badalo ki aas mein tarsa nahi karte,

Teri nazar-e-enayat se ho jaate hai jo ghayal,
Unhi kaatil nighahon se kabhi dekha nahi karte..!!!

Is dil mein khayaal jab tumhaare hote hai

Is dil mein khayaal jab tumhaare hote hai,
Mere daaman mein chaand aur sitaare hote hai,
Ek main aur meri tanhai shab-e-hizar mein,
Aur tumhari yaadon ke sahare hote hai,
Tera aana,muskurana,mujhse lipat jaana
,Ek khayaal aur kamaal kitne saare hote hai,
Haath mein "Kamal" ye chalti hai khud-ba-khud,
Jab kalam ko zakhmo ke ishaare hote hai..!!!

HumSafar Gum Jo Mohabaat

HumSafar Gum Jo Mohabaat Mein Diya Hai Tumne,
Yeh Bhi Mujhpar Bada Ehsaan Kiya Hai Tumne,

Ek Muddat Se Isi Din Ki Thi Hasarat Dil Mein,
Aaj Mein Khush Hu Ke Deewana Kaha Hai Tumne,

Jab Bhi Takarayi Mere Jism Se Yeh Shokh Hava,
Mujhko Mehasoos Hua Ke Chuaa Hai Tumne,

Kya Mere Dil Ke Dhadakane Ki Hi Awaaz Hai Yeh,
Ya Ke Phir Kaan Mein Kuch AaKe Kaha Hai Tumne,

Hichkiya Bhi Kabhi Kambhakt Nahi Aati Hai,
Jo Yeh Sochoon Ke Mujhe Yaad Kiya Hai Tumne..!!

Hum ek nahi sau-sau raat jaage

Hum ek nahi sau-sau raat jaage hai unke intazaar mein,
Lagta hai ek sau saal ka wakt aur lagega unke ikraar mein,
Koi baat nahi yeh unki marzi hai,kab pyaar karna,
Jaan kar bhi anjaan bane,
mera dil kyon aas rakhta hai bekaar mein,
Unki aankhon mein madhoshi hai,
labho pe halki si hansi bhi,
Inhe apnane ka mauka de de,
kaash hume is jiwan ke safar mein,
Woh sochte hain ki sirf,
mere geeto mein base hue hai woh,
Par meri dharkan ke maalik hain woh,
har pal base hue hai nazar mein...!!!

Hum apni Deewangi se jaane jaate hai

Hum apni Deewangi se jaane jaate hai,
Wo apni Be-Rukhi se pehchaane jaate hai,

Roz milte hai lekin, kuch Kehte Sunte nahi,
Mere saamne wo Meri Dhadkan badaane aate hai,

Shab-Bhar Intzaar mein Hum Taare dekha karte hai,
Sawera hone se pehle wo chand bujhane aate hai,

Bas Ek Nazar ke liye Hum Din-Bhar taraste hai,
Wo Shaam ko Gamlon ko Paani pilaane aate hai,

Mere is Haalat pe Hansna nahi MUSAFIR Tu,
Ishq mein sab ke Saamne aise Zamaane aate hai..!!!

Hum apne ikhtiyar ki had se guzar gaye

Hum apne ikhtiyar ki had se guzar gaye,
Chaha tumhe to pyar ki had se guzar gaye,

Jaagi hai apne dil mein gulabon ki aarzu,
Jab mousam e bahaar ki had se guzar gaye,

Ab zakhm haye dil ka kaha tak shumar ho,
Yeh zakhm to shumar ki had se guzar gaye,

Teri nigah e mast se ham itni pee gaye,
Itni ke har khumar ki had se guzar gaye,

Ehsas mar chuka hai khushi hai na gham koi,
Jaise ke jeet haar ki had se guzar gaye,

Aati hai saaf saaf nazar gham ki manzile,
Yeh qaflay ghubaar ki had se guzar gaye,

Woh log roz e qyamat se kya dare,
Jo tere intzaar ki had se guzar gaye..!!!

Honthon pe mohabbat k fasaane nahi aate

Honthon pe mohabbat k fasaane nahi aate,
Sahil pe samundar ke kinare nahi aate,

PAlkain bhi chamak uthti hai soti mein hamari,
Aankhon ko abhi khawab chhupane nahi aate,

Dil ujdi hui ek saraaye ki tarha hai,
Ab log yaha raat jagane nahi aate,

Yaaron naye mousam ne ye ehsaan kiya hai,
Ab yaad samjhe dard purane nahi aate,

Udne do parindo ko abhi shokh hawa mein,
Phir lout k bachpan k zamane nahi aate,

IS shehar k badal teri zulfon ki tarha hai,
Ye aag lagate hai bujhane nahi aate,

Tum bhi ghairo ki ada seekh gaye ho,
Aate hai magar dil ko dukhane nahi aate..!!!










Dosti pehli baarish ki boondo mein hai

Dosti pehli baarish ki boondo mein hai,
Dosti khilte phoolon ki khushboo mein hai,
Dosti dhalte sooraj ki kirano mein hai,
Dosti har naye din ki umeed hai,
Dosti khawaab hai,dosti jeet hai,
Dosti pyaar hai,dosti geet hai,
Dosti do jahano ka sangeet hai,
Dosti har khushi,dosti zindagi,
Dosti tishnagi,dosti bandagi hai,
Dosti sang chalti hawao mein hai,
Dosti in barasti ghatao mein hai,
Dosti dosto ki wafao mein hai,
Haath utha ke jo maangi gayi hai dua,
Dosti ka asar un duao mein hai..!!!

Aaj Rootha huwa ek dost bahut yaad aaya,

Aaj Rootha huwa ek dost bahut yaad aaya,
Achcha guzra huwa kuch waqt bahut yaad aaya,

Meri aankho ke har ek ashk pe ronewala,
Aaj jab aankh yeh royi to bahut yaad aaya,

Jo mere dard ko seene mein chupa leta tha,
Aaj jab dard huwa mujhko bahut yaad aaya,

Jo meri aankh mein kajal ki tarah rehta tha,
Aaj kajal jo lagaya to bahut yaad aaya,

Jo mere dil ke tha qareeb faqat usko hi,
Aaj jab dil ne bulaya to bahut yaad aaya,

Mere jeevan ki har khushi mein wohi tha bas,
Aaj jab yaad woh aaya to TU bahut yaad aaya..!!!

Lahoo Na Ho To kalam Tarjumaan Nahi Hota

Lahoo Na Ho To kalam Tarjumaan Nahi Hota,
Hamare Daur Mein Aansoo Zuban Nahi Hota,

Ye Kis Makam Pe Laayi Hai Meri Tanhai,
Ke MujhSe Aaj Koi Badgumaan Nahi Hota,

Jaha Rahega Wahi Roshni Lutayega,
Kisi Chirag Ka Apna Makaan Nahi Hota,

Main UsKo Bhool Gaya Hoon Ye Koun MaaneGa,
Kisi Chirag Ka Bus Mein Dhuwa Nahi Hota,

Tera Khayal Na Hota To Koun Samjhata,
Zameen Na Ho To Koi Aasmaan Nahi Hota,

Bas Ek Nigah Meri Raah Dekhti Hoti,
Ye Saara Shahar Mera Mezbaan Nahi Hota,

Sadiyon Ki Aankhon Se Dekhiye MujhKo,
Wo Lafz Hoon Jo Kabhi Daastan Nahi Hota..!!!

LafzoN mein fasaane dhoondte hai hum log,

LafzoN mein fasaane dhoondte hai hum log,
LamhoN mein zamaane dhoondte hai hum log,
Tu zeher hi de sharaab keh kar saqi,
Jeene ke bahaane dhoondte hai hum log,
Har zakhm ko seene pe saja lete hai,
Har dard ko hum dil mein basa lete hai,
Tum phoolon pe sote ho to dukhta hai badan,
Hum kaanto ko aankhoN se laga lete hai..!!!

Kuch ajab shaan se logon mein raha karte the

Kuch ajab shaan se logon mein raha karte the,
Hum khafa reh kE bhi aapas mein mila karte the,

Itni tehzeib rah-o-rasm to baaKi thi ke wo,
Laakh ranjish sahi wada to wafa karte the,

Usne poocha tha kai baar magar kiya kahiye,
Hum mizajann hi pareshaan raha karte the,

Khatam tha hum pe mohabbat ka tamasha gaya,
Rooh or jism ko har roz juda karte the,

Zindagi hum se tere naaz uthaye na gaye,
Saans lene ki faqat rasm ada karte the,

Hum baras padhte the apni hi tanhai par,
Ab ki tarha kisi dar se utha karte the...!!!

Koi nikla hai dil se tamanna banke

Koi nikla hai dil se tamanna banke,
Waqt thehar chuka hai tamasha banke,

Subah aur sham ke maikhano mein,
Rehta main kis qadar tanha banke,

Shab-e-akhir kashmash mein,
Jalta hun main parvana banke,

Waqt kam hai phir bhi khayalon mein,
Uski gali se nikloonga janaza banke...!!!

Kitni Mushkil Se Kati Kal Ki Meri Raat Na Pooch,

Kitni Mushkil Se Kati Kal Ki Meri Raat Na Pooch,
Dil Se Nikli Hui Honthon Mein Dabi Baat Na Pooch,
Main JisKe Waste Lad Jaoon Is Khudai Se,
Mujhe Khud Se Hai Pyari Yeh KisKi Zaat Na Pooch,
Wo Kis Ada Se Mere Samne Se Ghuzri Hai Abhi,
Kis Tarha Maine Sambhale Mere Jazbat Na Pooch,
Waqt Jo Badla To Insan Badal Jaata Hai,
Kya Nahi Dikhlate Yeh Gardish-E-Halat Na Pooch,
Woh KisKa Ho Bhi Gayi Aur Mujhe Khabar Na Hui,
Kis Tarha UsNe Chhudaya Hai MujhSe Haath Na Pooch,
Is Tarha Pal Mein Mujhe Begana Kar Diya UsNe,
Kis Tarha Apno Se Khai Hai Maine Maat Na Pooch,
Ab Tera Pyar Nahi Hai Tu Sanam Kuch Bhi Nahi,
Kitni Mushkil Se Bani Thi Dil KI Kainat Na Pooch..!!!

Kitna Pyaar diya usse par mila kuch bhi nahi

Kitna Pyaar diya usse par mila kuch bhi nahi,
Itni gehri Chahat ka hasil-o-hasool kuch bhi nahi,

Woh humse khafa the to Jaan nikal gayi thi hamari,
Hum unse khafa hai to unko malaal kuch bhi nahi,

Is kadar dukh diye hai na jaane kis khata par,
Par hum bhi Sabar kar gaye aur kiya sawal kuch bhi nahi,

Uski khushi mein Hansne wale Khaas hai uske liye,
Dukh mein uske saath hum, hamari misaal kuch bhi nahi..!!!

Karoo Tu Kis Liye Aakhir Karu Malal UsKa

Karoo Tu Kis Liye Aakhir Karu Malal UsKa,
Usse Nahi To Mujhe Bhi Nahi Khayal UsKa,

Har Ek Rom Mere Waste Bemani Hai,
K Bas Chuka Hai Mere Aankho Mein chehra UsKa,

Meri Wafa Ne Banaya Hai Bewafa UsKo,
kisi Ada Mein Nahi Hai Koi Kamaal UsKa,

Mere Naseeb Ki Yeh Bhi To KhushNaseebi Hai,
Ke MujhKo Dekh Ke Sab Poochte Hai Haal UsKa,

Yahi Dua Main Karoo Har Baras Ke Pehle Din,
Mere Bageir Na Guzre Koi Bhi Saal UsKa,

Mere Urooj Ko Uske Naseeb Mein Likh De,
Bhagwan Mujhe Sonp De Zawal UsKa,

Shab-E Faraq Kisi Roz Dhal Hi JayeGi,
Khuda Se Har Ghadri Manga Karoo Wisaal UsKa,

Khushi Ke Naam Se Aane Laga Hai Khouf UsKo,
Dukho Ne Jab Se Kiya Hai Badan Nidhaal Uska...!!!

Kisi bhi dukh par malaal - Sad Shayari

Kisi bhi dukh par malaal karna na usko aaya na mujhko aaya,
Wafao ko lazawal karna na usko aaya na mujhko aaya,

Jo faasle the inhe mitana dono hi chahte the,
Maghar taluq bahal karna na usko aaya na mujhko aaya,

Dukho meiN doobi sadaye sunkar na hi wo roya na hi maiN tarpa,
Ke rooh ko maala-maal karna na usko aaya na mujhko aaya,

Duwa ke roshan chirag apni hatheliyo par jalaye humne,
KHUDA se lykin sawal karna na usko aaya na mujhko aaya...!!!

Kisse mehfil ki baat karte ho - hearBreaking Shayari

Kisse mehfil ki baat karte ho,
Main to tanhaaiyo mein rehta hoon,
Humsafar koun hai mere gham ka,
Main to parchaaiyo mein rehta hoon..

Mujhko maaloom hai ke gham kya hai,
Mujhko maaloom zindagi kya hai,
Tum zamane ki baat karte ho,
Main to gehraiyo mein rehta hoon..

Meri aawaaz log sunte hai,
Dard ka saaz log sunte hai,
Meri shohrat to ek dhoka hai,
Main to ruswaiyo mein rehta hoon..

Khud ko barbaad kar liya maine,
Gham se azaad kar liya maine,
Ab virana mera thikana hai apni,
Main to barbaadiyo mein rehta hoon..

Mujhse poocho na aansuon ka sabbab,
Jo mere paas hai muqadar hai,
Kya khushi hai ye keh nahi sakta,
Gham ki main aandhiyo mein rehta hoon..!!!

Kash Main Mohabbat Na Karta UsSe

Kash Main Mohabbat Na Karta UsSe,
Wo is Tarah Mohabbat Mein ruswaa To Na Karti,

Kash Main Aankhon Ka Kajol Na Hota usKi,
Wo is Tarah Aankon se Nikal to Na deti,

Kash Main Dil ki dhadkan na hota uski,
Wo is tarah dil se Nikal to na deti,

Kash Main Tanhai kaa saathi na hota uski,
Wo is tarah tanha chhod to na deti..!!!

Kabhi HumKo Rab KI Khudai Ne Mara

Kabhi HumKo Rab KI Khudai Ne Mara,
Kabhi Sang Dil Mahboob Ki Judai ne Mara,

Bari Muddat Tak Kabhi Tanha Rahe Hai Hum,
Kabhi HumKo Ghamgeen Tanhai Ne Mara,

Mahboob Se Hum Pyar Ka ikrar Nahi Karte,
Aur Hume Dar Aur Ruswai Ne Mara,

Ye Tha Mera Mazi Aur Ab Mera Haal Ye,
Mujhe Ab Mahboob Ki Bewafai Ne Mara...!!!

Kaash hume bhi koi

Kaash hame bhi koi samjhane wala hota,
To aaj hum nasamajh na hote,

Kaash koi prem ki pyali pilane wala hota,
To aaj hum sharaabi na hote,

Kaash koi hum par jaan fida karne wala hota,
To aaj hum kaatil na hote,

Kaash koi hamare saath ghar basane wala hota,
To aaj hum beghar na hote,

Kaash koi hamare saath dosti karne wala hota,
To aaj beghar dost ka na hota,

Shaayad accha hi hua ke koi bhi nahi hai,
Nahi to aaj hum shaayar na hote..!!!

Jism tadpa hai khak par tanha,

Jism tadpa hai khak par tanha,
Rooh karti rahi safar tanha,

Neend walon ko kya khabar iski,
Koun jaaga hai raat bhar tanha,

Log soye the band kamron mein,
Chaand bhatka hai dar badar tanha,

Saath deta hai koun manzil tak,
Saath chalti hai rah guzar tanha,

Shehar ka shehar bujhta jaata hai,
Ja raha tha woh apne ghar tanha,

Ae gham e zindgi ke raat ke chand,
Dhoond mujhko nagar nagar tanha,

Woh jo hansta tha haal-e-dil pe kabhi tanha,
Ro pada khud ko dekh kar tanha,

Bhool kar apne husn ke aadaab,
Mere dil mein kabhi utar tanha,

Yeh aaye hazaar shehar mujhe,
Jab bhi dekha koi khandar tanha,

Is bhare shahar mein kabhi,
Anjman tha koi magar tanha...!!!

Jeevan ke safar mein

Jeevan ke is safar mein woh lamhe mitaye kaise,
Jaate jaate yeh to bata ja main tujhko bhulaon kaise,

In jalti bujhti aankhon mein jo pyar ka diya roshan tha,
Us diye ki roshni ko ab main bujhaon kaise,

Tumhi ne bataya tha ke tanha jiya nahi karte,
Ab tanha chhod gaye ho to khud ko samjhaon kaise,

Khwahishon ki takmeel mein dukho ki sugaat liye,
Apne is jeevan ko ab main bitaon kaise..!!!

BY amit

Friday, February 6, 2009

Here I am sitting in my office @ night…

Here I am sitting in my office @ night…
Thinking hard about life
How it changed from a maverick college life to strict professional life…...

How tiny pocket money changed to huge monthly paychecks
but then why it gives lesss happiness….

How a few local denim jeans changed to new branded wardrobe
but then why there are less people to use them

How a single plate of samosa changed to a full Pizza or burger
But then why there is less hunger…..

Here i am sitting in my office @ night…
Thinking hard about life
How it changed…..

How a bike always in reserve changed to bike always on
but then why there are less places to go on……

How a small coffee shop changed to cafe coffee day
but then why its feels like shop is far away…..

How a limited prepaid card changed to postpaid package
but then why there are less calls & more messages……

Here i am sitting in my office @ night…
Thinking hard about life
How it changed…..

How a general class journey changed to Flight journey
But then why there are less vacations for enjoyment….

How a old assembled desktop changed to new branded laptop
but then why there is less time to put it on……….

How a small bunch of friends changed to office mate
But then why we always feel lonely n miss those college frnz.….

Here i am sitting in my office @ night…
Thinking hard about life
How it changed….. How it changed……..

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pyaar Bina Jeena

Pyaar kamjor dil se kiya nahi ja sakta,
Zeher Dushman se liya nahi ja sakta,
Dil mein basi hai ulfat jis pyar ki
us ke bina jiya nahi ja sakta.

Saath rehte rehte yuhin waqt guzar jayega
Door hone ke baad kaun kise yaad aayega
Jee lo ye pal jab humsath hai
kal ka kya pata, waqt kahan le jayega

Ishq Vishq Pyaar Vyaar

Shaam Hote Hi Chiragon Ko Bujha Deta Hoon
Yeh Dil Hi Kaafi Hai Teri Yaad Main Jalne Ke Liye

Yeh Teri Bhi Aankhon Ka Qusur Hai
Main Tanha Gunahgar To Nahi

Tu Is Tarah Se Mere Dil Main Shamil Hai
Jahan Bhi Jaoon Lagta Hai Teri Mahfil Hai

Duniya bhar ki khushiyan hamare saath chali
Qadam mila ke jo hamare saath aap chali

Haath deewane ke de allah kuch aisi qalam,
Aasman par likh ke jaoon hai unhi se pyaar hai

Dil mein tumharey pyaar key jaltey to hain chirag
Mana key in ki roshni tum par ayaan nahi

Na tum bewafa ho, na hum bewafa thay
Magar kya karain apni rahain juda hain

Saamne baithe raho dil ko qaraar aa’aegaa
Jitnaa dekhenge tumheiN utnaa hi pyaar aa’aegaa

Mohabbat kar ke dekhi to, mohabbat ko pehchana hai
Wafa bus naam ki hai, be-wafaai ka fasana hai

Hai kuch baat mo-min jo chaa gaye khamoshi
Kis bout ko de diya dil, kyon bout se ban gaye ho

Dil ki bechaen umangon pe karam farmaao
Itna ruk ruk ke chalogi to qayamat hogi

Raat Ko Jalte Diye bhi Din mai Bujh jaya Karte Hai
Aur ek hum hain jo ki Tere Pyar Me Din Raat Jala Karte Hai

Valentines Day Peoms - William Shakespeare

But thy eternal summer shall not fade
Nor lose possession of that fair thou ow’st;
Nor shall Death brag thou wander’st in his shade,
When in eternal lines to time thou grow’st:
So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.

O mistress mine! where are you roaming?
O! stay and hear; your true love’s coming,
That can sing both high and low.
Trip no further, pretty sweeting;
Journeys end in lovers meeting,
Every wise man’s son doth know.

What is love? ’tis not hereafter;
Present mirth hath present laughter;
What’s to come is still unsure:
In delay there lies no plenty;
Then come kiss me, sweet and twenty,
Youth’s a stuff will not endure.

- William Shakespeare

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

valentine Shayari

Har mulaqat pe nigaheyin meri faryaad karti yahi
Ek palat nazar se dekhlein woh kabhi
Aur woh bin dekhe hi andekha kar jaati hain
Reh jaati hain meri tamannayein dil mein dabi….

Kya samjhengi woh iss dil ki dard ko
Khoyee jo hain woh apne hi jahaan mein
Kya mehsoos hogi unko meri tadap
Shamil jo hain woh iss duniya ki mehfil mein…..

Na khud samjhe na samjha sakey hum unhe
Na paaye kabhi na kabhi kho sake unhe
Yeh bekhudi toh rab bhi na jaaney
Iss dil ka nazrana na dila sakey hum unhe….

Shadeyein dil ki sune bhi toh woh sunegi kaise
Khayalon mein unke toh iss dil ka jikr tak nahin
Meri khawhishon ka janaza bhi nikal gaya
Aur unko toh hamari fikr tak nahin….

Na koi shikwa hai aur na shiqayat hai
Chhod unhe na koi doosri chhahat hai
Bas wohi meri safar hai, wohi meri manzil hai
Wohi khuda hai, wohi meri ibadat hai….

Apna pyar ko chupa na sake,
Deewana dil pe kaboo pa na sake,
Aaj itne karib sa guzar gaye wo
phir b unke hath hum tham na sake!!